Film Screen Modality Initial Training (Mail)

Film Screen Modality Initial Training (Mail)
Course ID: FilmScreenInitial-1270-m
Credit: 0 Credits
Instructor : Susan Sprinkle-Vincent , AAS, RT(R)(M)
Expiration Date: 12-31-2018
Price: $189.00
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**There is NO CE credit given for this course. The information in this course is strictly informational.

**This CE activity is a video presentation and a post test on USB Flash Drive with multiple choice questions.  See computer equipment specifications below.**

AHEC’s new “Initial Training in Mammography” video course is the ideal way to jump start your way to becoming a MQSA qualified mammographer. “Film Screen Modality Initial Training” meets the MQSA requirements for the modality specific training in film screen. You will receive a comprehensive overview of the in's and out's of film screen mammography.

This 8 hour video course begins with “Film Screen Quality Control” which provides a thorough review of the eleven film screen quality control procedures mandated by MQSA. With mammography image quality dependent on optimization of the entire imaging chain, this portion of the course is important to discuss. “Analog Technical Factors” will make you knowledgeable of how the technical factors affect image quality and how to make adjustments to optimize the image. Finally, “Analog Artifacts” will give you the opportunity to guess what the artifacts are and see visual examples of equipment, processor and patient introduced artifacts in the film screen environment.

**$15 processing fee if AHEC prints the home study material

For more information on the “Initial Training in Mammography Video Course”, please click here.

For information on the “Position with the Experts” portion of the initial training, please click here.

Approval Expirations:

All Home study approvals have an expiration date.  Some of our home studies are approved for one year others for two years.  Whether a home study is renewed at the end of its expiration date is determined by the materials content and relevancy.  AHEC recommends if you plan to purchase a home study to complete at a later date that you contact us to confirm the expiration date.

AHEC Home Study Guidelines:

  • We are going green! All mail home studies are now sent out on USB/Flash drives that you will need to plug into a computer.
  • All needed course materials, posttests, and answer sheets are available on the USB/Flash drive. For further instructions, please open the “Cover Page and Copyright” PDF in the folder for the specific home study.
  • If you purchased multiple home studies you may receive all materials on one USB/Flash drive, or multiple in the same mailing package.
  • Print the answer sheet page, fill in your answers and you can fax it back to us at 713.772.0155 or mail it back to AHEC, 8502 Tybor Drive, Houston, TX 77074.
  • Passing grade is 75% or higher. AHEC will notify you only if you do not pass the test. You have three chances to take the test and receive a 75% or higher.
  • The grading process takes 1-2 business days and the USB is yours to keep.

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Susan Sprinkle-Vincent , AAS, RT(R)(M)

Susan Sprinkle-Vincent, AAS, RT(R)(M), Director of Mammography Services/Consultant, has 38 years of experience in performing and teaching others the skills of mammography. She has been an instructor associated with the continuing education program cosponsored by the National Cancer Institute and American College of Radiology and the American Cancer Society. Susan's years of experience range from the Supervisor of Mammography Services at The Methodist Hospital and Project Director of Mammography at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. She joined the AHEC team full time in the fall of 2000 to expand the mammography educational service and build a new division to assist AHEC's clients with mammography consulting services. Susan is widely known for her expertise in the clinical aspects of mammography and her technical skills. She will continue to actively teach technologists, residents and physicians the finer details of this highly technical field. Susan is enjoying another amazing experience at AHEC.