• Emergency Care of the Patient - Lessons 1-4 (Mail)

*The format for this CE activity is reading material and a post test on USB Flash Drive with multiple choice questions.

In today's hurry scurry healtcare environment where the name of the game is "do more with less", it is crucial imaging professionals are equipped to deal with emergency scenario's.  Emergency Care of the Patient includes four lessons that provide a good synopsis of the fundamentals of emergency care required for patients with various emerging health concerns.  Each lesson addresses the fundamentals of basic emergency care that patients receive in both inpatient and outpatient situations. You can improve your basic response skills with these lessons. 

Lesson 1: Pitfalls and Assessment
Lesson 2: Chest Pain, Syncope, and Shock
Lesson 3: Anaphylactic Shock, Bleeding, and Epilepsy 
Lesson 4: Mechanical Breathing Aids



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Emergency Care of the Patient - Lessons 1-4 (Mail)

  • Course ID: ECOP-115-m
  • Credit: 4 Category A Credits
  • Expiration Date: 08-31-2022
  • $49.95