Concerns for Todays Radiographers [6:00pm CST] (Live Webinar)

Concerns for Todays Radiographers [6:00pm CST] (Live Webinar)
Course ID: Webinar-ConTod-2847-171
Event Location:Advanced Health Education Center, 8502 Tybor Drive, Houston, Texas, USA, 77074
Credit: 3 Category A Credits Direct
Date: 04/25/2018 06:00 pm - 04/25/2018 08:30 pm
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Social Media: What Were You Thinking?

·         Types of Social Media

·         Whoops and Whoa!: Case Studies

·         Job Jeopardy and Legal Ramifications

·         Employer and Employee Rights


That Can Never Happen to Me! Medical Legal Issues in Imaging


·         Lawyering 101:  Defining the Terms

    • Types of law
    • Standard of care
    • Torts
    • Medical negligence

·         Identifying Risk in Imaging: Areas of Liability

    • Patient injuries
    • Informed consent
    • Privacy of records
    • Labeling of the radiograph
    • Radiographs as part of the medical record


What’s New in Radiology: Trending Topics of Interest


·         The Four Biggest Advances in Medical Imaging

o   CT Angiography

o   Imaging Testing Replaces Exploratory Surgery

o   PET/CT Scans for Cancer Diagnosis

o   Digital Mammography

·         Enhancing Patient Experience

o   Don’t Just Survey Your Patients

o   Efficiency

o   Leverage Technology

·         Artificial Intelligence and Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

o   New Research Using MRI to Diagnose

o   Equipment

o   Research Study

o   The Future



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