Are you ready for a radiology experience that's truly out of this world? Prepare to launch into the cosmos of imaging with our stellar online course, "Radiology: to Infinity and Beyond"! Led by the renowned Greg Yardley, MSRS, RT(R), CBDT, this comprehensive 8-hour journey will take you on a cosmic exploration of the latest advancements in imaging technology and equip you with the essential skills to skyrocket your career.

You'll embark on a mission to master the art of marketing and networking in the dynamic world of medical imaging. Discover how to promote yourself like a shooting star and navigate the vast universe of opportunities that await. Learn what sets apart a great radiology technologist from a mere speck in the galaxy and acquire the tools to shine brilliantly in your profession.

But that's not all—while navigating through the constellations of knowledge, we haven't forgotten about your own well-being. You'll learn the importance of providing good self-care, finding balance amidst the chaos, and maintaining a healthy orbit around your own needs. Plus, you'll uncover the extraterrestrial realm of medical imaging performed outside the traditional hospital setting, expanding your horizons and opening new frontiers for your career.

Prepare to witness revolutionary imaging technologies used in human research that will leave you starstruck. From quality patient care preparation and assessment techniques to the latest breakthroughs in radiation protection, you'll emerge from this course equipped with the knowledge to deliver stellar patient experiences while keeping everyone safe.

Test your expertise in recognizing imaging fails and play an exhilarating game of "Name that Foreign Body" as you unlock the secrets hidden within radiologic images.

So, don't miss your chance to join our extraordinary mission and be part of a community that's reaching for the stars. Sign up for "Radiology: to Infinity and Beyond" today and let us launch you into a future filled with endless possibilities. The universe of knowledge is waiting—are you ready to take off?


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  • Marketing and Networking in the World of Medical Imaging
  • The Making of a Great vs. Poor Radiology Technologist
  • How to Provide Good Self-Care
  • Medical Imaging Performed Outside the Hospital Setting
  • Out of This World Imaging
  • Medical Imaging Technologies Used in Human Research
  • Quality Patient Care - Prep and Assessment
  • What's New in the Field of Radiation Protection
  • Interactive Exercises
    • X-ray Imaging Fails - Repeat or No?
    • Name that Foreign Body


At the conclusion of this course, participants should be able to:

  1. Market themself and understand how to professionally navigate in medical imaging
  2. Understand what qualities and attributes make a great radiology technologist
  3. Recognize and utilize tools to provide self-care during stressful times.
  4. Understand how medical imaging is utilized outside of a hospital setting
  5. Relate how medical imaging is used in human research
  6. Prep and assess to provide quality patient care
  7. Explain new patient shielding recommendations
  8. Recognize imaging fails
  9. Recognize foreign body in radiologic images

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This program provides 8 hours of AHRA Category A continuing education credit for radiologic technologists recognized by the ARRT and various licensure states. You must attend the entire program to receive your certificate of completion.

This live, instructor-directed course meets the Texas Medical Board requirements for all registered Medical Radiologic Technologists. Please refer to the TMB website for more information.
Greg Yardley , MSRS, RT(R), CBDT

Greg Yardley MSRS, RT(R), CBDT started as a radiologic technologist in 2007 and has worked in a rural hospital, trauma 1 center, medical clinic, and urgent care. He has experience with screen and film, CR, and DR radiology equipment. He also has extensive fluoroscopic and C-arm experience. Greg's bone density experience consists of running the day-to-day operations of an Osteoporosis Center where he performed and analyzed over 3000 DXA scans a year. This job led him to his current career which is a researcher and Radiology Technologist for KBR on the human, health, performance contract in the NASA Bone Mineral Lab and medical clinic.rnGreg is registered with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.rnHe is also registered as a Bone Density Technologist and an active member of the International society of Clinical Densitometry.rn
Category Hours Revision Year(s)
Bone Densitometry > Patient Care > Patient Bone Health, Care, and Radiation Principles 1.0 2016,2022
Breast Sonography > Patient Care > Patient Interactions and Management- 2016 1.0 2016,2021
Cardiac Interventional Radiology > Patient Care > Patient Interactions and Management 1.0 2017,2023
CT > Patient Care > Patient Interactions and Management 1.0 2017,2022
Mammography > Patient Care > Education and Assessment 1.0 2016
Mammography > Patient Care > Patient Interactions and Management 1.0 2020
Physical Therapy > Patient Care > Patient Interactions and Medical Record Management 1.0 2019
Radiology > Patient Care > Patient Interactions and Management 1.0 2017,2022
Radiology Assistant > Patient Care > Patient Management 1.0 2018,2023
Sonography > Patient Care > Patient Interactions and Management 1.0 2019,2024
Therapy > Patient Care > Patient Interactions 1.0 2017
Therapy > Patient Care > Patient Interactions and Management 1.0 2022
Vascular Interventional Radiology > Patient Care > Patient Interactions and Management 1.0 2017,2023
Vascular Sonography > Patient Care > Patient Interactions and Management 1.0 2021,2024

Radiology: To Infinity and Beyond

  • Course ID: Radiology-TIAB-100-106
  • Event Location: Online Course
  • Credit: 8 Hours Category A (Direct)
  • Date: 06/15/2024
  • Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Instructor: Greg Yardley , MSRS, RT(R), CBDT
  • $99.00
  • $89.00

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