Join us for an exhilarating journey as we delve deep into the world of breast cancer grading, staging, and treatment options. Led by renowned experts Michelle Keck and Peggy Hoosier, this course offers an unparalleled opportunity to expand your knowledge and enhance your skills in the field.

You'll unravel the complexities of the TNM system and gain a comprehensive understanding of tumor grades and breast cancer stages. Discover the ins and outs of triple negative breast cancers, identifying those at risk and exploring the cutting-edge treatment options available. Our expert instructors will demystify the myth and perception surrounding mammography malpractice and breast cancer liability, equipping you with the tools to mitigate risk effectively.

Communication is key in the world of breast imaging, and our course ensures you'll be a master in delivering accurate and timely results to patients. Learn the art of quality and compliant documentation, and distinguish between screening and diagnostic exams with confidence. We'll also explore the crucial importance of adhering to rigorous standards for unparalleled quality in breast imaging.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to boost your career and make a difference in the lives of breast cancer patients. Join us now and unlock a world of practical knowledge, professional growth, and limitless possibilities. Enroll today and become an invaluable asset in the fight against breast cancer!

*All webinars are held in Central Standard Time and hosted through Zoom.   

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  • TNM System   

  • Tumor Grade   

  • Staging   

  • Triple Negative Breast Cancers   

  • Chemotherapy Options/Radiation   

  • Long Term and Survivorship   

  • Misconceptions and Misunderstandings of Breast Imaging Liability  

  • Mitigating Risk  

  • Communication of Results  

  • The Key to Quality and Compliant Documentation  

  • Screening vs Diagnostic Exams  


  1. Understand the TNM system and the staging system and discuss the tumor grades  

  1. Describe the stages of breast cancer  

  1. Understand what triple negative breast cancer is and who is at risk.  

  1. Discuss the differences in treatment options  

  1. Differentiate between myth and facts as related to breast imaging liability  

  1. List three mitigating risks that can be employed during the exam  

  1. Discuss the standard of care required for communication of abnormal mammography results  

  1. Define screening and diagnostic mammography  

  1. Discuss the importance to Quality Breast Imaging Standards     

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This program provides AHRA Category A continuing education credit for radiologic technologists recognized by the ARRT and various licensure states. You must attend the entire program to receive your certificate of completion.

This live, instructor-directed course meets the Texas Medical Board requirements for all registered Medical Radiologic Technologists. Please refer to the TMB website for more information.
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At Advanced Health Education Center, we take pride in our dynamic faculty, each hailing from diverse backgrounds and walks of life. Our educators are not only experienced but also bring a wealth of knowledge in their expertise, ensuring a rich and comprehensive learning experience for all. Committed, knowledgeable, and passionately dedicated to their respective modalities, our instructors embody the spirit of excellence that defines the AHEC experience.

Expanding Your Mammography Clinical Practice Skills

  • Course ID: EYMCPS-Web-117
  • Event Location: Online Course
  • Credit: 3 Category A Credits Direct
  • Date: 06/18/2024
  • Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Instructor: AHEC Faculty
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