• Mammography Positioning Refresher - Live Webinar

Immerse yourself in a dynamic learning experience with our Mammography Positioning Refresher course. Join a vibrant community of dedicated mammographers and esteemed faculty as we delve into the art of perfecting mammography positioning techniques. Whether you're looking to refresh your skills or fulfill accreditation requirements, this course offers a comprehensive review of CC, MLO, Supplemental Views, and Male Patient Imaging. Our expert faculty, renowned for their extensive experience and qualification as mammography trainers, will guide you every step of the way.

Unlock the secrets of optimal positioning as we explore a range of topics tailored specifically for mammographers like you. Discover the standards and requirements for achieving exceptional CC and MLO views, ensuring adequate visualization of posterior and superior tissue. Delve into the nuances of mobilizing the breast and understand the consequences of over or under elevating. Gain proficiency in identifying the right angle for the MLO view and achieving optimal muscle patterns. We'll also cover supplemental views, male patient exams, and imaging the augmented and postoperative breast, providing you with a holistic understanding of mammography positioning.

Throughout the course, you'll develop practical skills to enhance your image critique and review abilities. Learn to evaluate technical factors, assess breast tissue coverage, and detect any deficiencies in positioning. You'll have the opportunity to step into the shoes of an ACR reviewer, making critical judgments on image quality. By the end, you'll confidently list the standards for routine views, ensure proper visualization of tissue, discuss consistent positioning, and correct any deficiencies you encounter.

Join us today and immerse yourself in a supportive learning environment where you can refine your mammography positioning skills. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your expertise and propel your career forward. Enroll now in our Mammography Positioning Refresher course and embark on an exciting journey towards mastering the art of precision in mammography.


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Course Topics

CC refresher 

  • Standards and requirements for optimal positioning of  the CC view 

  • Achieving adequate visualization of posterior tissue  

  • Achieving adequate visualization of superior tissue 

  • Mobile margins of the breast and  how they affect positioning 

  • Elevating the breast-consequences of over elevating 

  • Elevating the breast-consequences of under elevating 

  • Posterior nipple line (PNL) measurement 

MLO refresher 

  • Standards and requirements for optimal positioning of  the MLO view 

  • Achieving adequate visualization of posterior tissue  

  • What is the right angle of the image receptor for the MLO view? 

  • Achieving optimal muscle pattern 

  • Mobile margins of the breast and  how they affect positioning 

  • Mobilizing the breast-consequences of  inadequate mobilization 

  • Mobilizing the breast-consequences of  over mobilization 

  • Achieving adequate visualization of  inferior tissue  

  • Where is my IMF?  I know it was on there! 

Supplemental View 

  • Magnification 

  • Tailoring the Examination: Imaging The Augmented Breast 

  • Imaging The Postoperative and Reconstructed Breast 

Supplemental Views and Male Patient Exams 

  • Implants 

  • Male Patients 

  • Difficult Patients 

  • Post-Surgical Patients 

Image Critique & Review 

  • Landmarks for image critique 

  • Is all the breast tissue imaged?? 

  • Are there any deficiencies? 

  • You be the ACR reviewer! 

  • PASS or FAIL? 


  1. List the standards for positioning the routine views. 

  1. Identify the step that will assure adequate visualization of posterior tissue on the CC view. 

  1. Describe the adequate muscle pattern on the MLO view. 

  1. Evaluate the images for optimal compression. 

  1. Discuss the importance of consistent positioning. 

  1. Evaluate the images for motion or geometric blur. 

  1. Discuss PNL measurement and how to use it. 

  1. Obtain adequate IMF on the MLO. 

  1. Understand how to  correct positioning deficiencies 

  1. Discuss proper positioning of the augmented patient 

  1. Discuss compression on the augmented patient 

  1. Critique a mammographic image for acceptable technical factors 

  1. Critique a mammographic image for acceptable positioning criteria for the cranio-caudal view 

  1. Critique a mammographic image for acceptable positioning criteria for the mediolateral oblique 

  1. List three positioning techniques 

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This program provides AHRA Category A continuing education credit for radiologic technologists recognized by the ARRT and various licensure states. You must attend the entire program to receive your certificate of completion.

This live, instructor-directed course meets the Texas Medical Board requirements for all registered Medical Radiologic Technologists. Please refer to the TMB website for more information.
Cristi Stegent BSRS, RT(R)(M)

Cristi Stegent has been a mammographer for over twenty years. She began her career in mammography at MD Anderson Cancer Center in 1998. She has experience in QC, as a lead mammographer, with accreditation, biopsies and needle localizations and DEXA. Crristi is presently a Mammographer at Kelsey Seybold Clinic in Kingwood. She received her radiography training at Houston Community College and her mammography initial training through AHEC.
Category Hours Revision Year(s)
Breast Sonography > Patient Care > Patient Interactions and Management 2.5 2016, 2021
Mammography > Image Production > Equipment Operation and Quality Assurance 1.5 2016
Mammography > Image Production > Image Acquisition and Quality Assurance 1.5 2020
Mammography > Procedures > Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology 1.0 2016, 2020
Mammography > Procedures > Mammographic, Positioning, Special Needs, and Imaging Procedures 5.5 2016, 2020
Radiologist Assistant > Procedures > Thoracic Section 4.25 2017, 2018, 2023

Mammography Positioning Refresher - Live Webinar

  • Course ID: WebMammoPos8-3182-30
  • Event Location: Online Course
  • Credit: 8 Hours Category A
  • Date: 11/09/2024
  • Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Instructor: Cristi Stegent BSRS, RT(R)(M)
  • $139.00

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