• Imaging Technology 411

Discover the cutting-edge world of imaging technology with Imaging Technology 411! Join us for an exhilarating journey led by our expert instructor, Mark Struthers, and unlock a wealth of practical skills and knowledge that will propel your career as a radiologic technologist to new heights.

In this course, you'll dive deep into the realm of technological advances, exploring the lifespan of technology and its impact on the field. Gain invaluable insights into industry standards and jargon like DICOM, HL-7, and IHE, empowering you to navigate the evolving landscape with confidence and fluency.

HIS and RIS systems will no longer hold any secrets for you as you master their operation, understand their components, and optimize workflow efficiency. Delve into the fascinating world of PACs, unraveling the sources, mastering storage/archiving techniques, and overcoming the challenges that come your way.

Take your digital acquisition skills to the next level as you explore data manipulation, masking, deletion, and cutting-edge techniques. Uncover the captivating history of forensic imaging and stay at the forefront of current advancements in virtual imaging, from the mind-blowing Virtual Autopsy Table to the revolutionary Virtobot.

Prepare to be awe-inspired by the digitally preserved autopsies and unlock the potential of the Anatomage Table, a game-changer in the field of forensic pathology. With Imaging Technology 411, you'll be equipped with the expertise and know-how to make a lasting impact in the ever-evolving world of radiologic technology.

Don't miss out on this transformative learning opportunity! Enroll now and embark on a thrilling educational journey that will set you apart in your profession. Join our vibrant community of rad techs and let's revolutionize imaging technology together. Get ready to shine!


*All webinars are held in Central Standard Time and hosted through Zoom.   

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Course Topics:

  • Technological Advances
    • Information Technology
    • Lifespan of Technology
  • Industry Standards & Jargon
    • DICOM
    • HL -7
    • IHE
  • HIS and RIS  Systems
    • Operation
    • Components
    • Work Flow
  • PACs
    • Sources
    • Storage/Archiving
    • Challenges
  • Digital Acquistion
    • Data
    • Masking
    • Deletion
    • Techniques
    • Challenges & Optimization
  • History of Forensic Imaging
  • Current Advancements in Virtual Imaging
    • The Virtual Autopsy Table
    • Photogrammetry
    • Virtobot
    • Digitally Preserving Autopsies
    • Anatomage Table
  • Forensic Pathology

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This program provides AHRA Category A continuing education credit for radiologic technologists recognized by the ARRT and various licensure states. You must attend the entire program to receive your certificate of completion.

This live, instructor-directed course meets the Texas Medical Board requirements for all registered Medical Radiologic Technologists. Please refer to the TMB website for more information.
Mark Struthers BBA, BSRT, CMRT

Mr. Struthers is an experienced presenter with local, national, and international experience in providing medical imaging continuing education. He is well known for his humor and ability to engage students in in the learning process. He is the author numerous continuing education home study programs. His lectures and home study CE programs are among those that are most popular with AHEC students.

Imaging Technology 411

  • Course ID: RT/Diagnostic-5181-233
  • Event Location: Online Course
  • Credit: 3 Category A Credits Direct
  • Date: 11/29/2023
  • Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Instructor: Mark Struthers BBA, BSRT, CMRT
  • $49.95
  • $20.85