• 2023 Annual Radiology and Reindeer Mini Conference

Welcome to a transformative learning experience designed exclusively for Radiologic Technologists! Unleash your potential with our dynamic course featuring a star-studded faculty!

Embark on a journey of transformation as Damon Jackson delves into the intricacies of Change Management in Healthcare. Explore the dynamic interplay between Evolutionary and Revolutionary change, unraveling basic concepts and theories that serve as the bedrock for seamless transitions. Gain a dual perspective on change and learn to apply key concepts to leadership scenarios. Damon's engaging approach ensures you not only grasp these concepts but emerge ready to navigate change effectively.

Step into the world of agricultural radiology with Greg Yardley, MSRS, RT(R), CBDT. From everyday life in agriculture to the equipment that poses potential risks, this session is a visual feast of the unexpected. Navigate the challenges of dealing with Mother Nature and the impact of animal vs. human communication mishaps. Greg's expertise unveils the most common types of injuries you'll be tasked to x-ray. Get ready to identify and address agricultural trauma with confidence, armed with a comprehensive understanding of what these injuries look like.

Kelli Welch Haynes, Ed.D., RT (R), FASRT invites you to explore the vital role of medical imaging professionals in patient-centered care. Dive into patient care expectations and gain insights into leveraging technologists for improved diagnoses. But that's not all—discover the power of soft skills and why they are integral to your success. This session goes beyond the technical, ensuring you leave not only as a skilled radiologic technologist but also as a compassionate and effective healthcare professional.

Join us for this engaging six-hour course that promises to be a catalyst for your professional growth. Secure your spot now and revolutionize your radiologic expertise! Your journey towards excellence starts here.

*All webinars are held in Central Standard Time and hosted through Zoom.   

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Change Management in Healthcare – Damon Jackson 

  • Evolutionary vs. Revolutionary change 

  • Basic concepts of change 

  • Change management theory 

  • Two perspectives 

  • Key Concepts for Leaders 

  • Applications of concepts 

Agricultural Trauma – Greg Yardley 

  • Everyday life working in agriculture 

  • Agriculture equipment used that can cause major injuries and images of injuries they can cause 

  • Dealing with mother nature and the weather elements in agriculture 

  • Injuries resulting from animal vs human miss communication 

  • Most common types of injuries you will x-ray from agricultural trauma 

  • What agriculture x-ray injuries look like 

Enhancing Patient Care and Understanding Soft Skills – Kelli Welch-Haynes 

  • Addressing vital role of medical imaging professionals in patient-centered care 

  • Patient care expectations 

  • Insights into leveraging technologist for improved diagnoses 

  • What are soft skills 

  • Why soft skills are important  


  1. Understand the perspectives of both the healthcare worker and leadership with regards to changes in healthcare management. 

  1. Determine a strategy on how to work through moments of change that others might not support. 

  1. Identify how we move or adjust to change. 

  1. Understanding Agriculture equipment used that can cause major injuries and images of the injuries they can cause. 

  1. Understanding injuries resulting from animal vs human miss communications 

  1. Recognize the most common types of injuries you will x-ray from agricultural trauma. 

  1. Recognize what agricultural x-ray injuries look like. 

  1. Examine the essential expectations of patient care, beyond creating images. 

  1. Discuss the importance of soft skills and professionalism as related to caring for patients. 

  1. Explore the radiographer's professional responsibility. 

  1. Review the Standards of Ethics and the Practice Standards. 

  1. Discuss and define soft skills 

  1. Discuss the importance of soft skills in clinical practice. 

  1. Evaluate the culture of safety and quality as related to the standards set by various agencies. 

  1. Create and implement a process for managing disruptive and inappropriate behaviors. 

  1. Promote soft skills. 

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AHEC Faculty

At Advanced Health Education Center, we take pride in our dynamic faculty, each hailing from diverse backgrounds and walks of life. Our educators are not only experienced but also bring a wealth of knowledge in their expertise, ensuring a rich and comprehensive learning experience for all. Committed, knowledgeable, and passionately dedicated to their respective modalities, our instructors embody the spirit of excellence that defines the AHEC experience.

2023 Annual Radiology and Reindeer Mini Conference

  • Course ID: WEB- RadNReinM-1163-170
  • Event Location: Online Course
  • Credit: 6 Category A Credits Direct
  • Date: 12/09/2023
  • Time: 9:00 AM - 2:30 PM
  • Instructor: AHEC Faculty
  • $79.00
  • $69.00

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